Best Scoliosis Exercises For The Neck

Best Scoliosis Exercises For The Neck

Back of the neck is where the upper part of your spine is located. It is also one of the most complex and sensitive parts of your body as all the nerves meet your brain here. Scoliosis patients increasingly experience problems in neck movement and associated pain. It is therefore absolutely imperative to take exercises which would reinforce the muscles of your neck and to loosen them up.

The best scoliosis exercises for neck are simple to do but you should be careful in carrying them out. To start with, you can choose “neck glide and extension” exercise. For this exercise, hold your neck in a straight position such that you are looking forward. Then, without pulling in your neck, slide your chin forward like they do in break dance. Hold this position for some seconds and then return to the normal slowly. Then, without moving your neck, take your head back until you are watching your ceiling. Hold it there for some time and then return to the normal position. Repeat the steps one by one for a few times.

Neck flexion is also one of the best scoliosis exercises for neck that you can do. Position your head and neck in upright position like you did for the previous exercise. Then, like you nod, bend your head down until you are watching the floor. Hold it there for some time and then go back to normal. Repeat this exercise for several times. However, if you experience pain at any time during these exercises, call it off at once. You do not want to make your condition worse.

There are pressure points all along your body. What massagers and physiotherapists do is that they rub down those pressure points to relieve your nerves and muscles. It reduces your pain and stress. Well, there is one pressure point located right behind your neck as well. One of the best scoliosis exercises, and yet the easiest one, is to apply some pressure on the back of your neck with your fingers. You can do it few times a day to relieve your pain in neck movement.

Most usual of your neck movement is right or left. If you are scoliosis patient and experience pain in your upper spine, this neck movement can be a best scoliosis exercise for you. Point your face forward and your neck upright. Slowly bend your head to your right and then to left alternately, holding for a few moments at both sides. This can significantly relieve your pain. But be sure to consult your physician before you choose any exercise.

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