Best Scoliosis Exercises; Lower Back Exercises

Best Scoliosis Exercises; Lower Back Exercises

One of the most affected parts when a person has Scoliosis is the lower back. This is because this is the part where the spine is affected. It is therefore important to do some exercises that will help this part of the body and spine. Some of the best scoliosis exercises for the lower back are discussed below.

Sphinx press ups are some of the best scoliosis exercises a person with this condition can do. The exercise starts with the person lying down on the stomach followed by raising the upper part of the body slowly apart from the pelvis and the legs. The patient should raise the upper part as far as they can until the body forms an arch. However, you should not push your back to the limits as the condition may become worse. This exercise should be repeated several times. The next exercise is the superman which involves lying down on the stomach and raising the shoulders only. The hands should be stretched straight ahead and the legs should also be stretched straight as well. Hold this for 30 seconds, return to start position and redo the same. You should repeat this exercise ten times.

Standing back extension is another of the best scoliosis exercises. This starts by putting your arms around the lower back and stretching backwards forming an arch. Hold on that position for several seconds, return to normal position and redo the exercise. The exercise should not be done more than five times unless your physician recommends so. The dog exercise is another important exercise for patients with scoliosis. When doing this exercise, the patient should kneel down with the hands stretched from the floor to form an arch. The head should be raised. Hold yourself in this position for 30 seconds and redo the exercise. The exercise should be repeated for twenty times according to expert recommendations.

The next of the best scoliosis exercises is the knee to chest. According to guidelines, you should lie down with your back with the head down. Move one of your legs up, flex your leg at the knee and move it towards the chest while holding at the knee and hold for a few seconds. Only move the leg as far as you can without discomfort. Do the same with the other leg and alternate the two for several times. When you are done with this, you can do the same exercise when standing up. You start this by standing up on your two feet, raise the knee in front of you, support it with your hands and move it up until it is in line with your lower abdomen. At that position, you can swing the leg gently to the sides several times. Switch the leg and do the same thing.

People with Scoliosis should do the some of these best scoliosis exercises several times during the day. They can combine several exercises and do this two or three times a day. The more they perform these exercises, the better they will live with and manage this condition.

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