Best Scoliosis Exercises; Neck Exercises

Best Scoliosis Exercises; Neck Exercises

Scoliosis is a condition in which the spine cord is bent to some extent. This requires that the person exercises in a quest to make the life of the patient easier. There are many exercises and you should not go for anything but the best scoliosis exercises. These are exercises that will help to relieve pain in the patient. One of the most vital exercises is the neck exercises. Some of the neck exercises such a patient can do include;

Neck glide and extension is one of the best scoliosis exercises which is important in relieving spine pains. The exercise requires that you position your neck straight followed by sliding your chin forward and holding for a few seconds. Return the neck to normal and then move your head backwards until you are looking up. This should be repeated several times when doing the exercise. Neck glide and extension can be combined with neck forward flexion. This is a neck exercise that involves lowering your chin toward the chest and holding for several seconds. You can hold the neck in that position for five to ten seconds and return to starting position. This can be repeated ten or more times.

Acupressure point neck exercise; this is another good exercise for the Scoliosis patients. This is based on the fact that there are several pressure points within the body. One of the pressure points is located at the back of the neck where the spine starts. Any impact on this pressure point has a direct effect on the spine. It is recommended that the patient holds and presses the pressure point at the back of the neck for several seconds a few times a day. When this is done, the patient can feel some relieve on the spinal cord making this one of the best scoliosis exercises. Another important exercise neck exercise is neck rotation. It requires that you look straight ahead followed by turning your head to the right or left. Hold for ten seconds before returning to the start point. Turn the other side and do the same. The patient should do this exercise as frequent as possible. Physicians recommend that Scoliosis patients do the exercise every few hours. This exercise relieves the tension on the spine.

Neck side extension is also one of the best scoliosis exercises targeting the neck. The exercise should start by looking straight forward followed by moving to one side and holding for a few seconds. Return to the start position and lean to the opposite side and hold for a few seconds as well. This should be done ten times or more but you should not over do it. Neck exercises for scoliosis cannot be complete without the neck stretch. In this, you should start by looking forward followed by moving your shoulders up as if you are shrugging. Hold your shoulders in this position for five to ten seconds. This exercise can also be done ten times or more. Always ensure that the exercises are done correctly otherwise, the problem will be worse.

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