Best Scoliosis Exercises: Pilates

Best Scoliosis Exercises: Pilates

Pilates has been around for more than a century and it’s been known to help with many medical ailments. Scoliosis happens to be one of those since certain Pilates moves can help strengthen one’s spine in a natural and safe manner. Here are the best scoliosis exercises that have been discovered when implementing Pilates into one’s scoliosis treatment plan.

The Traditional Pilates Exercise
This is formally known as the hundred. It’s the traditional Pilates exercise that’s shown to produce amazing results which is why it’s featured right here among the best scoliosis exercises around. Keep in mind that if you need to adjust this particular Pilates exercise due to your scoliosis that you can bend your knees at ninety degrees.

Lie on your back with your arms to your side. Now, lift your legs up in the air and move them up and down. This exercise will help make your abdominal muscles stronger which makes is one of the best scoliosis exercises for increasing strength.

Swim Away
This is a pretty simple scoliosis exercise that’s performed while you’re lying on your stomach. Once you’re in the starting position, move your arms and legs slightly off the floor. Now you’ll continue by imitating the movements that are used in swimming.

Become a Mermaid
This is one of the best scoliosis exercises to end your session with. The position is that you sit like a mermaid with your legs on one side of your body. You’ll touch your ankle with one hand and use your other hand to support yourself by placing it on the floor on the opposite side of where your legs are at. Once your hands are in the proper positions you’ll life the hand that’s holding your ankles alongside your body to reach above your head.

Kick Away
This is one of the best scoliosis exercises for those that want to strengthen their legs and their lower back at the same time. You start this position by lying on your back and placing your legs in front of you. Once you’re in the starting position you’ll lift one leg and bring it up into the air, then when you bring it down you’ll bring up the other leg.

By implementing the Pilates exercises that made it onto our list of best scoliosis exercise you’ll be well on your way to managing scoliosis in a manner that’s both safe as well as effective. Just make sure that this is something that doesn’t go against the treatment plan set forth by your primary physician.

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