Best scoliosis Exercises: Yoga

Best scoliosis Exercises: Yoga

Dealing with Scoliosis may not be the easiest thing that one can do in their lifetime. However, with the best scoliosis exercises in your daily routine it can quickly become something that you can easily overcome with time. Yoga has proven to be very effective for those battling scoliosis and there are certain yoga exercises that you can use to achieve the same results which makes the poses some of the best scoliosis exercises.

Bar Stretch
This is a pretty simple pose that can be done anywhere you have somewhere that you can pull yourself up. You’ll start off by grabbing the bar with your hands shoulder-length apart from each other. Once you have a grip on the bar you’ll walk your feet back until they’re lined up with your hips and your spine is parallel to the floor.

Now you’ll bend at your hips and stretch while your butt actually becomes further from the bar. Make sure that you don’t lift your chin up and that your spine is perfectly aligned with your neck. When you pull you’ll start to feel your spine becoming stronger.

The next step is that you’ll bring your feet in a few inches to the bar. Once you move in your feet, you’ll need to bend your knees into a right angle. Continue stretching your buttocks in a downward motion while pulling back in an effort to make your butt go further backwards.
Walk your feet forward a few inches more and start doing another squat while holding on to the bar, bending backwards just as you did before. By now you should feel your spine stretching. This is by far one of the best scoliosis exercises for strengthening your spine.

Locust Pose
This is a backbend pose that can be used to help build up the strength in your hamstrings while building up the strength of your muscles within the back. Just like any exercise, you need to exercise caution due to your scoliosis. With that said, let’s take a quick look at this exercise and how you go about doing it.

You’ll start off by lying face down with your arms extended to your side. Exhale and raise you’re the upper part of your chest as well as your head above the floor. While you do this, you’ll want to make sure that your buttocks are firm and that your thighs are pushing down towards the floor. The next step is that you’re going to want to spread your arms out in a way so that your shoulder blades start stretching away from the spine.

Now you’ll stretch your arms over your head. While doing this you should be able to feel your back muscles strengthen. Once you have stretched your arms over your head you’re going to place your hands in a chair that’s sitting in front of you. Repeat this stretching process once more, but make sure the chair is moved further from you this time. Press down on your hands as firmly as possible while pushing your thighs downward. As you release this stance, exhale. You’ll want to repeat this exercise for a minimum of three times and a maximum of five times.

There are many other Yoga techniques as these were just the best scoliosis exercises that you can use. You can easily find them online by searching via your favorite search engine.

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