Best Scoliosis Exercises: Yoga

Best Scoliosis Exercises: Yoga

As you may already know, scoliosis is a back condition where a person’s back has side to side curves on the spine in addition to the normal curves that anyone’s back will have. This impact heavily on the person’s back and can result in severe deformity and a lot of pain. Usually, the mainstream medical world will recommend surgery to rectify the condition. However, scoliosis can be taken care of with the best scoliosis exercises. These will help the back recover and regain the normal posture as well as relieve the pain. One of the best scoliosis exercises known is yoga.

Yoga has been labeled one of the best scoliosis exercises for several reasons. Top on the list is the fact that Yoga exercises involve postures that stretch the body. They thus help the spine to regain the normal shape and relieve the pain felt by scoliotic patients. If you want to gain insight into some of the best yoga exercises, read on.

Best yoga exercises for scoliosis

Yoga sit-ups: This is a common yoga exercise and one of the best scoliosis exercises there are. It is done by lying on a mat with bent knees and feet as close to the edge of the mat as possible. Recline your shoulders with head and neck down and hands behind the head. Lift your shoulders while engaging and tightening your abdominal muscles and keeping a safe distance between elbows.

Extended table: Start this exercise on your knees and hands. Slide the right foot to the back edge of the mat. Slide the opposite left hand to the front. Press your abdomen in as you straighten your back from the head to the tailbone tip. Find a relaxed position and raise both the arm and the foot to the level of your shoulder and hip respectively so that they are in line with your straight back. Remain in this position for a while then relax and change the hand and foot.

Dolphin: Start with knees and palms on the mat and curl your toes as you spread your fingers. Make sure feet are shoulder width apart. Support yourself on the mat with forearms and start pushing your hips up. Lower your neck and look up in order to extend the cervical spine. Push your hips as high as you can then relax on your knees when tired.

Sideways suspended plank: Start this exercise on hands and knees. Move your right foot out to the side and ensure that your right hand is in line directly under your shoulder but in the same line as the left knee. Stretch your left leg and press the left knee on the mat so that the wrist, heel and knee are all in the same line. Take your left hand off the surface of the mat and rest it on your hip while opening the shoulders, chest and hips. Again, lift your left hand upwards so that you form a straight line from the right wrist to the left fingertips. You can then bring it down and switch to the opposite side.

You can also use other yoga exercises that are classified in the best scoliosis exercises category as long as they do not bend the back.

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