The Best Scoliosis Exercises For Lower Back

The Best Scoliosis Exercises For Lower Back

Scoliosis affects your lower back to the greatest extent. Most of the scoliosis patients have problems bending down. They also experience excruciating pain in the lower back region. All these conditions point towards the fact that their lower back area needs strength and exercise. However, as a patient of any disease, including scoliosis, you should always remember that a medical doctor has the supreme authority over your condition. Whatever you do or tend to do, seek his advice on the matter before you get started.

Some of the best scoliosis exercises engage your lower back region for the reasons stated above. To start with, one could have Sphinx press up. Just lay down flat over your stomach. Slowly raise the upper half of your body above the floor without raising your hips or lower parts. Form an arch with your body, but be careful. Do not push yourself to the limit or you might actually end up worsening your back condition. Repeat the exercise carefully for several times.

Another exercise recommended for scoliosis patients is called “superman”. Again, you have to lie down on your stomach over a flat floor. Then slowly raise your shoulders only above the floor. Slowly stretch your arms straight ahead on your front and same way the legs should also be stretched out straight. Try to hold on to this position for around thirty seconds. In beginning, you might find it difficult. Doesn’t matter! Slowly keep on increasing your time until you reach the threshold. Repeat this drill for around ten times.

Some other best exercises for scoliosis patient may be what is called “knee to the chest” exercise. First, lie down on your back with your head flat and level with your back. Raise your right leg. Fold it and bring it to your chest. Hold it with your hands flat with your chest for several seconds then let it go. Repeat the same step with your left leg and keep on doing this with alternating legs for several times then stand up. Raise your leg again to your chest and hold it there for some moments, this time standing up straight. Repeat the process with alternating legs like you did while lying down. However, you should not push yourself. If your leg does not come to your chest, raise it to the extent to which it is easy for you.

The best exercises for scoliosis on web may be written with expert advice but they are not aware of your personal conditions which vary with individual. So extra care should be taken and physician should be consulted before you start any of the exercise programs.

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